Images That Represent ME

We have spent a few weeks blogging about a variety of topics and using our words and an image or two to help convey our messages.  Now, it’s time to just use images to convey the message.  So please find some appropriate images that will effectively showcase who you are, your interests, and your personality.  Be creative! Try to have at least 4 images so that your audience gets an idea of who you are.




Are First Impressions Accurate? (Maleficent and 12th Night)

This week we learned more about the characters in the drama 12th Night by William Shakespeare. We also had the opportunity to be audience members to Mrs. Blake’s Group Interpretation performance of an adaptation of the story Maleficent.  As you ponder over these two examples of drama, please choose one to write an in-depth reflection.

You need to write at least 150 word reflection on any of the prompts listed below.  Make sure your reflection begins with a strong thesis.  Elaborate with details and visual descriptions so your readers can truly understand your thoughts.

Reflection Options:

  • Pick a character from 12th Night and share your first impressions of this character.  What were your thoughts of the character as  we learned more about the character’s actions, thoughts, words, and personality traits?  As the play progressed, how has your first impression of this character changed?  How does viewing the movie version after we listen and analyze the script enhance or ruin the play for you? Explain the reasons for your change of opinion of this character without giving away too much of the plot. Of course, you want to persuade the readers of your blog to want to read/listen/watch the play for themselves.


  • Reflect on your expectations of the Group Interpretation performance of Maleficent. If you saw the movie or read the novel, what were you expecting?  If you did not read or view the story prior to the performance in the Little Theater, what were you expecting?  What were your thoughts of the performance?  Did you have any favorite parts?  Explain your thoughts of the cast and how they performed.  Remember they have no costumes, no props, and only one simple set; how do you think they did on telling the story or interpreting the story for all of us in the audience?


  • Reflect on how first impressions may trigger people’s initial judgments to be focused on stereotypes.  Think about movies you have seen, books you have read, interactions you have had between people, stories you have heard on the news or through social media, etc.  How do stereotypes ruin people’s positive perceptions?  How can stereotypes affect people’s first impressions?  Think about a time you met someone and what you expected from that person based on their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, clothing, speech, etc?  Is it right to make those assumptions?  Why are people prone to make those initial judgments?  How do some people prevent the temptation of those stereotypes and actually take the time to get to know a person before making a judgment?  Is it easy/difficult in our current society? Think about expectations people have based on someone’s gender, race, ethnicity, educational background, social status, etc.  How do we eradicate these stereotypes and give every person a fair chance at meeting them and really looking at who they are, without labeling them?

Remember, be honest, be thorough, be specific, be clear, and be kind! (Any relevant images would add more audience appeal to your blog post, so feel free to add)



12th Night

Reflect on PLAN Test and/or Job Shadowing Field Experience

This past week has been busy and probably stressful because of the PLAN test and finalizing the Job Shadowing Field Experience.  So, it’s time to reflect.

Write a new blog post with at least 150 words reflecting on your PLAN test experience and/or on your Job Shadowing Field Experience. Here are your two options:


Option 1: If you are reflecting on the PLAN TEST, share your journey of preparing for the standardized test (hopefully you remember some of the practice tests we took and analyzed as well as the test-taking strategies).  Explain your thoughts and feelings throughout the process.  Were the practice tests easier or harder than the actual test?  Was it useful or not useful to review and assess each question in class to prepare for the actual test? What advice or technique helped you the most? the least? Use detail and share some advice to people who will take the PLAN test (or any standardized test like the ACT) this year or next year.  Would you have done anything differently?  Why? or Why not?  Remember that others will view this post.  Give them helpful advice so they are prepared and ready.  Plan to ace the PLAN test.


Plan ACT


Option 2: If you are reflecting on the Job Shadowing Field Experience, share your journey of preparing for the 4 hour experience as well as what happened while job shadowing.  How easy or difficult was it to figure out your career interest?  Why was it so easy or difficult?  What is your dream career interest?  Why is that a career you want to have in the future?  What makes it exciting and/ or intriguing?  Reflect on the planning stages of Job Shadowing. What was difficult? What was easy?  Were you apprehensive about contacting your contact? Did you feel overwhelmed or stressed about finding the right career or right person to contact?  Why did you choose option 3 and go on the school-provided field trip?  What did you like and/or dislike about the experience? What would you have done differently? What did you LEARN from the job shadowing experience? Are you still interested in the same career or have you changed your mind and want to choose a different career?  Please explain.  If you chose Option 1 or 2, why did you choose those options? Are you being successful working on the job shadowing independently? Are you communicating with the professional you will be shadowing?  Did you already complete your job shadowing? How was it? If you haven’t completed the job shadowing, why are you still not done? What has prevented you from being successful?  What advice do you have for future sophomores so that they do well on their job shadowing?