Review of DROP DEAD Play Performance Sneak Peak

We had the privilege of watching the sneak peak performance of Joliet West High School’s fall play during class in the auditorium.  We only saw the first 30 minutes of the 2 hour play, and it was a great preview of the play since it was filled with comedy.  The actors took some time to introduce themselves and answer audience questions.  Please take the time to give an authentic audience review of what you witnessed during this sneak peak performance. Please type up a review of the characters, storyline, the set, and how the student actors portray their character roles.  Since DROP DEAD is a play within a play, the student actors have to portray two different characters, so please make sure you can tell the difference between their different characters.  The student actors will be reading your review notes so be honest and kind. Your awesome audience review will help these student actors prep for their actual full performance this coming weekend.

Please make sure you have the following in your 150 word audience review of DROP DEAD:

  • Describe your interpretation of the storyline (plot).
  • Analyze how well the student actors portray their two very different characters.
  • Summarize what you found comedic (funny) in the play.
  • Explain what you thought was done very well.
  • Give any advice on how to improve any part of the play performance.  (Constructive criticism is good. Be kind and specific in how to improve not just what you thought went wrong)

drop dead 1


drop dead 2







drop dead 3

Great work Mrs. Blake and all of your awesome student actors and crew!!






drop dead 4


Veterans Day

This Wednesday, November 11, 2015 is Veterans Day.  What does that mean to you?  What does that mean to the people in our country?  How should we honor that day? Watch this brief video to hopefully learn a little about this very important day.


Now, after watching this video, please write a post of at least 150 words on any of the following topics:

  1. Write a review of the video above. Summarize the meaning of the video and analyze why it’s important that everyone in America truly understands the meaning of Veterans Day.
  2. Research when and how the first Veterans Day was celebrated.  Please include the website source that you used to find the information and share as much of it as you can in your post.
  3. Share any relevant videos that showcase Veterans coming home and receiving honorable, positive welcome home celebrations. Share your thoughts of how these men and women are honored and how their families are ecstatic to see their family members come home safely.
  4. Analyze the meaning of the sacrifice that our armed forces make as they serve our country.  Why is it honorable yet dangerous?
  5. Share a personal story of a veteran that you know, whether it’s a family member, friend, etc.  Share their story and any pictures or videos of them that you have to make it more personal and to honor them for their sacrifice and dedication to protect the freedoms of our country.
  6. Do you want to have a career in the armed forces?  Share your story of why you are thinking about enlisting and why it’s important to you.
  7. Find any videos, movies, music, etc that represents veterans.  Embed them in your post and write a summary about them to share your thoughts on what you think is the meaning behind those videos, movies, music, etc.
  8. Write your plans for this Veterans day (or maybe family traditions) that truly showcase you are grateful for your American Freedoms and for all those people who have bravely fought to protect our freedoms. Do you plan to visit a VFW hall?  Do you go to any cemeteries to pay your respects to fallen soldiers?  Do you take the time to call or text or email anyone in the armed forces to thank them for their dedication and sacrifice?