Halloween Writing Prompts

It’s Halloween season and I want you to reminisce about your favorite Halloween memories and recount them in this blog post OR pick any of the other Halloween-related topics.  Pick a topic that is of interest to you so that you write an amazingly interesting post that is a minimum of 150 words.  Adding images that represent your post makes it even more engaging to your audience, so try to find the perfect image and make sure you add it to your post. Do your BEST so others can read your post and leave an awesome comment for you.

Halloween topics to choose:

1. Create a list of the Top 10 BEST candies to get while Trick-or-Treating and a list of the Top 10 WORST candies. Explain why the best candies are so awesome and delicious.  And, don’t forget to give reasons for the disgust behind the worst candies.  Images of these candies would be helpful for your readers.

2. Create a list of 5 of the best horror flicks during Halloween. Make sure you write a short summary or review of these movies so your readers could see if they want to watch any of them this Halloween weekend. Images of the movie covers or posters would be an awesome visual.

3. Research how Halloween began and summarize the information to your audience.  Give us facts and details on how Halloween started and maybe how different parts of the country may celebrate Halloween in different ways. Providing your audience with links to the sites where you found your research would be helpful so that they can reference the sites if they want to learn more.

4. Create a list of Top 5 Halloween-themed music videos with links to the music videos and a short analysis of why each music video is scary and/or perfect for the Halloween season.  Michael Jackson’s Thriller is still a popular song so feel free to add it to your list as long as you explain its popularity.  https://goo.gl/pqMwJ2 

5. Share a scary story that is either fiction or non-fiction. Recount the story in your own words or share a link to the story and explain why you like the story or analyze its relationship to Halloween.

6. Recount a favorite Halloween memory.  Maybe it was the awesome costume you had or a scary haunted house you visited or a Halloween party that was fun and entertaining.  Share the details of this awesome memory and explain why it is so special and memorable for you.  If you have pictures, that would be a bonus.

7. Research Halloween superstitions and explain their meaning and significance in your blog post.  Please provide the links to the resources and share whether you believe in them.  Are there any superstitions that shocked you?

8. Write your own original poem, song, rap, or story using the vocabulary words from Of Mice and Men (English 3) or from Anthem (English 2) make sure you underline or bold all the vocab words so we can easily distinguish them.

9. Create a top 10 costumes of 2016. What type of costumes do you think would be perfect to represent 2016?  What type of costumes have you seen more of at the stores?  Why do you think these costumes are so popular?

10. Write an argument whether Halloween is a holiday for kids to dress up and get candy or if it’s meant for a different age group. Feel free to share your Halloween traditions as you argue that this holiday is for a certain age group or just for kids.

Have fun writing!! Be creative!! And, remember to use lots of detail so your audience can visualize your awesome words.

Halloween imagehalloween pumpkins




ENGLISH 3 Unit 1 Essential Question Reflection

Please pick ONE of the following prompts relating to UNIT 1 and write a detailed 150-350 word reflection, making sure you relate the writing prompt to what we have learned/discussed in class so far this semester.  Adding relevant images and links will add more visual appeal to your blog post, so please do so. You will read your classmates responses at a later date and comment on their reflections so that you learn from others’ perspectives and hopefully gain multiple perspectives on the skills we are practicing in class.

Prompt Choices:

  • COVER LETTER/RESUME –> What factors (current and future) impact an employer’s impression of you as a potential employee?  How do we effectively communicate the alignment of our values, goals, and experiences with a prospective organization’s vision?
  • AMERICAN LITERATURE –>  How does American literature offer a critique of the society in which it is produced?  How can we construct an analysis of a single text in a timed setting?
  • AMERICAN FILM –> How does film depict literature accurately?  How do movie scenes help showcase important book scenes?  How can movies ruin book scenes? 

Literature and Film Analysis

Cover Letter Examples

“The Birds” Writing Prompt

After Perusing  https://padlet.com/mmaslowski/TheBirds the list of who or what would be different if “THE BIRDS” was set in 2016, pick ONE writing prompt to type 100-150 word response.
A. Use the list of possible differences from the original story to a possible story in 2016. Explain in detail how the differences might impact the storyline.
B. Write an ending or another chapter to the story. Try to use Daphne du Maurier’s writing style as you tell the story’s next chapter or different ending in 150 or more words. You decide if the ending is good or grim.

Positive Current News

Type a 150-200 word Blog Post about Current News that is POSITIVE. Peruse the news sites and read an article about something that interests you: sports, national news, local news, education, politics, entertainment, health, etc. After you read the news article, do the following in your blog post:

  • Summarize your article and insert a link to the article. If there is an image that you could also share on your blog, please do so.
  • Evaluate whether you believe the article is one-sided (biased) or if it seems neutral and allows the reader to come to his/her own conclusion.
  • Analyze what you found positive about the article. Share your personal thoughts.
  • Ask your readers questions to get them thinking about the article’s topic
  • Scan the article before you submit it to make sure it’s appropriate for all age levels (there are topics on the news that may not be appropriate for younger kids, so please refrain from those overly sensitive topics)

TOP 15 Most Popular News Websites