Play-Doh Creations

Students were given a 5 oz container of Play-Doh and then instructed to use their creativity to use that one container and only one color to create something that represents them.  It could be (or relate to):

  • a sport
  • a hobby
  • an object that reminds them of someone or something special
  • a toy
  • a food item
  • and so much more

1. The goal is to create something with their hands that represents a part of who they are and/or represents something that they believe in or admire.

2. After completing the Play-Doh creation, students shared their masterpieces with their classmates and explained why they sculpted that object.

3. Then students blogged about the activity in 250 words. The blog entry had to have the following parts:

  • An explanation of the item created with Play-Doh, what the item was, and why it’s important to them.
  • An image of the object would be helpful to give the audience a visual.
  • A summary of some of the other items their classmates created to showcase what other objects they thought were interesting and maybe even unique.
  • A brief comparison to how this activity can relate to the writing process.  (What was the assignment, how did you brainstorm, draft, edit, finalize, etc.)  Also, knowing that the classmates would see the objects, how did Rhetorical Situation play into your creation decisions?  (Genre, Audience, Design, Stance, Purpose)

Some Finished Products from Students:

New Year, New Wordle

It’s a New Year and I want you to REFLECT on the amazing person you are by creating a Wordle Image that represents you via many descriptive words.

Use any of the following Websites to create your original Wordle.

Make sure you create a Wordle with at least 15 different descriptive words about yourself.  Please save the image and click on ADD MEDIA to add the image to the NEW BLOG POST.  Then, please write at least a 50 word reflection over the words you chose to add to your Wordle as well as the image you chose to represent yourself.  I can’t wait to learn more about you!