UN World Heritage Sites (USA) 2017

1. Peruse  https://www.visittheusa.com/experience/world-heritage-sites-united-states to learn about the 22 UN World Heritage Sites in the USA.

2. Go to http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/75 and type in your ASSIGNED USA UN World Heritage Site in the SEARCH bar to learn about this amazing site. Then go to the link in above in direction #1 to learn even more info about that world heritage site.

3. Write a summary sentence about your assigned site as well as add an image (+) related to this site. Make sure you add DIFFERENT info than the person who posts BEFORE you. https://padlet.com/mmaslowski/UNWorldHeritageSites 

4. After your short summary and image on PADLET, please compose a 150 word or more summary of your assigned USA UN Heritage Site to share your expertise of the site as well as include your link to the site ensure others could access your research. Make sure you include the name of this UN site, its location, its significance in decoding the cultural heritage, and any other interesting/intriguing facts.

5. Please add at least one image of this site so that your audience can see its culture and beauty.


Grand Canyon

Mesa Verde

Cahokia Mounds, Illinois


Statue of Liberty

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