Documentary Smore Audience Reflection

Write an Edublog Post about the TOP 5 documentaries students your age should watch. Include the links to your classmates’ SMORES so your audience readers can read more info about them.  And, make sure you add some images and relevant info to persuade your readers to go watch these documentaries.

(List to Period 4 Documentary Smores:

List to Period 6 Documentary Smores: )

You can make 5 bullet points and number from 5 down to 1 (#1 being the best) and make sure you name the documentary and why it’s important for teenagers or for any age.  Each documentary explanation should be between 25-50 words.  Your Entire Edublog Post about the Documentary Smores should be at least 150 words and must include links to the Documentary Smores.  Adding Documentary Film Trailers Embedded video links will earn you bonus points.  Remember that visuals always engage your audience more!

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