Reflection on Senior Research Presentations

Periods 4 and 5/6 You need to complete the Senior Research Presentations Reflections.

Type a 200 word Blog Post reflecting on the presentations in the auditorium. Make sure you include the following information:

  • You can choose to write a general reflection Or about each individual student presentation
  • Summarize the presentation
  • What was interesting in the presentation?
  • What was confusing/uninteresting in the presentation?
  • What do you think went well with the presentation? (Was the presenter loud, clear, engaging, etc.)
  • What advice would you give the presenter?


  1. Danyale White – Child Abuse Awareness
  2. Payton Schudieri – Scientology As A Cult
  3. Emily Czyz – Conspiracy Theories on Area 51
  4. T Cook – What Are Millennials?


  1. Sabrina Lopez – Metaphysics
  2. Lisa Hicks – Spiritual Intervention of Suicide
  3. Mateo – Entrepreneurship in Business

2 thoughts on “Reflection on Senior Research Presentations

  1. i enjoyed all of the presentation but my favorite or one i could relate to was spitural intervinton of suicide because i know how it feels to heve someone close to you commit sucide i have actually trried to do it but i got through with the help of my family and prayers i do believe it can help because it did for me my sister even tried so it hit real close to home keep on beliving it will get you far great job

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